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Columbia Valley and Yakima Valley AVA

Boushey Vineyard

Management: Dick Boushey
Grapes: Syrah (4 different clones), Cabernet Sauvignon
Wines: Boushey Vineyard Syrah, red blends
Vineyard Style: Great focus and balance with incredibly unique aromatics
Location: Grandview, WA (Yakima and Columbia Valley AVAs)
Topography: Resting at an elevation of nearly 1000' and located mid valley, this site is blessed with a medium steep Southern exposure.
Climate: Cooler Spring than much of the Columbia Valley. Summers can be warm to hot with fairly high wind conditions. Like the rest of the Columbia Valley, night time temperatures regularly drop into the 50's, arresting sugar accumulation and helping the retention of acidity. Having slightly cooler days than the rest of the central Columbia Valley, the fruit is able to develop over a longer period of time allowing the fruit to achieve full physiological (flavor) ripeness in balance with sugar and acidity.
Rainfall: Less than 7" per year. Drip irrigation is used sparingly to keep the plants healthy and viable; realizing that stressing the vines by limiting their water will help produce intense, flavorful fruit.
Soil: Generally Burke silt loam (at a depth of 2' ~10') over Basalt rock.

Olsen Estate

Management: Leif Olsen
Grapes: Petit Verdot (Clone 2)
Vineyard Style: Our newest vineyard, we're excited about the true and clean flavors we're seeing in the barrel. Stay tuned.
Location: West of Benton City (Columbia Valley and Yakima Valley AVA)
Topography: This Southwest facing block of Petit Verdot looks down on the valley floor from an elevation of 1150'.
Climate: Sitting to the West of Red Mountain, but in the Yakima/Columbia Valley AVA, this sites sees cooler days with similar nighttime temperatures (50°F~60°F)
Rainfall: About 4.5" per year.
Soil: 3' of well drained Burke Silt Loam on top of fractured Basalt
Columbia Gorge AVA

Celilo Vineyard

Management: Rick and Jody Ensminger
Grapes: Pinot Gris
Vineyard Style: A cool site that produces grapes with naturally bright acidity and wonderful aromatics at much lower brix (sugar) levels than other areas in Washington State.
Location: Underwood, WA (Columbia Gorge AVA)
Topography: Sitting high on the cliffs above the Columbia Gorge, this south facing vineyard starts at about 1200' in elevation and rises rather quickly to just over 1460' Sub-alpine, Celilo sits in the shadow of Underwood Mountain which helps deflect some of the wet weather, while funneling the wind right down through the vineyard.
Climate: Certainly considered a cool or cooler site. Celilo will see a few days creep into the 90s, but the normal temperature is in the 70° range. Bud break doesn't usually happen until mid June.
Rainfall: 50" a year. Irrigation? Not a chance. This site has been dry farmed for the past 34 years.
Soil: A thick layer of volcanic soil is supported by an ancient lava flow. This combination not only allows for great drainage at the surface (see rainfall note above), but also for retention in the deep lava layer for the roots of the vines to stay healthy during the warm summer months.
Red Mountain AVA

Klipsun Vineyard

Management: Trish and David Gelles (Owner), Julia Koch (Manager)
Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon (1989 block), Merlot
Wines: Cabernet Sauvignon, red blends
Style: Big, bold wines with great structure and the ability to age. The flavors are dark, brooding and intense giving us some of Washington's finest fruit.
Location: Benton City, WA (Red Mountain AVA)
Topography: At just under 700', this relatively level site is also one of Red Mountains warmest.
Climate: Hot, or really, really, really warm. That said, night time temperatures will drop into the 50's bringing development to a screeching halt. This helps set the color and maintain balanced chemistry within the grape.
Rainfall: Less that 8" per year. Again, drip irrigation is used sparingly.
Soil: This area is incredibly heterogeneous with a dynamic mixture of soils ranging from Scooteney (loam over lime-silica-cemented flood cobbles) to Warden (silt loam), and Hezel (layer of sand/sandy loam over silt loam).

Ciel du Cheval

Management: Jim Holmes (Owner/Manager), Ryan Johnson (Manager)
Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot
Style: One of Washington's most impressive sites, Jim and Ryan are able to harness the incredible heat of Red Mountain and deliver balanced, elegant fruit with wonderful finesse.
Location: Benton City, WA (Red Mountain AVA)
Topography: South facing, this 140 acre vineyard gently rises from an elevation of 700' up to just over 750'.
Climate: One of, if not the warmest AVA in Washington State. In the peak of summer, temperatures will rise to 100, but will cool to the 50s when the sun sets. Normal temperatures are in the high 80's to low 90s.
Rainfall: Less than 8" per year. Deficit irrigation is the game plan at this vineyard.
Soil: This area is incredibly heterogeneous with a dynamic mixture of soils ranging from Scooteney (loam over lime-silica-cemented flood cobbles) to Warden (silt loam), and Hezel (layer of sand/sandy loam over silt loam).

Grand Rêve/Force Majeure Estate Vineyard
Management:  Ryan Johnson (Manager/Owner), Paul McBride (Owner/Manager)
Grapes:  Petite Verdot, Cabernet Franc (two clones)
Style:  Stay tuned as as the 2010 harvest will be the first for this vineyard.
Location:  Benton City, WA (Red Montain AVA)
Topography:    Incredibly steep and rocky.  Stay tuned for an update.
Rainfall:  Less than 8" per year. Deficit irrigation is the game plan at this vineyard.
Horse Heaven Hills AVA

Alder Ridge Vineyard

Management: Luke Ransom
Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon
Vineyard Style:
Location: Alderdale, WA (Horse Heaven Hills AVA)
Topography: The southern slope of this beautiful vineyard meets the mighty Columbia River at 400' in elevation and then slowly climbs its way to about 1000'. This vineyard has so many incredible variations in exposure that it had to be broken into something like 40 different blocks, each of which is planted to the soil type best suited for that particular variety.
Climate: Its location on the Columbia River tempers this potentially hot site into one of moderate heat. When the temperature climbs close to triple digits in other parts of the valley, much of that heat is pulled away down river, especially in the evening hours when the wind picks up. This slows down the grape maturation allowing the fruit to hang on the vine until we find the flavors are just right.
Rainfall: Less than 6" per year, most of which occurs outside our harvest (before August and after December)
Soil: Along the Columbia River the soil is very sandy, but as you move up hill towards the top of the vineyard you begin to see a shift to silt loam and then loam.
To make great wine, you must start with incredible grapes and handle them with just the right amount of attention. We have the pleasure of working with the most focused and attentive growers in Washington State who are producing intense, flavorful and balanced Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Pinot Gris.

In Washington State, the unique combination of soil, geography, temperature and climate matched with specific grape varieties work in harmony to produce world class fruit. And it’s the diligence and hard work of our growers that allows us to craft singularly distinctive and delicious wines in our cellar that ultimately land in your glass each night (or every other...)

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